• IT Tools

    We have developed and deployed a range of IT tools within Market Access – from those designed to perform essential analytics (IPR, Contracting Tools) to those aimed at increasing organisational efficiency (performance trackers, etc.)

  • IPR model

    • User-friendly and robust International Price Referencing model to understand impact of IPR on drug prices in Europe. The model can be web-based or Excel-based
    • The model is built in-house and is flexible to incorporate company-specific and drug-specific changes

    Contracting Toolkit

    • A simple-to-use tool (web-based/iOS/android) that can help identify the optimal contracting option locally or regionally for a drug based on revenue and net price impact
    • The contracting tool will be very helpful for OpCos to compare between contracting/tendering scenarios and choose the optimal option

    Market Access Performance

    • A comprehensive market access performance monitoring and mapping tool that provides a good overview of country preparedness for reimbursement activities for a new product
    • The tool enables team lead to get a snapshot at any point in time of market access activities in any country/region