Dr. S. Mukku, Ph.D (Cantab)  / Founding Director

Dr. Shrinivas Mukku (Shri) is the Founding Director of Access Infinity. Shri has supported and continues to support senior Market Access positions in Pharma. He has 20+ years of total work experience in global markets in biotech and pharmaceutical industry, research management and consulting with 10+ years focused on global pricing, reimbursement and market access of pharmaceuticals and devices. With a Ph.D in bioprocess engineering from AIT, Bangkok, Thailand and an M.Phil in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Cambridge, UK; he enjoys working in international environments.

A. Edathodu, M.Phil (Cantab) / Director, Market Access and Pricing 

Ahmed Edathodu is Director and Co-founder of Access Infinity. Having worked in senior positions in strategy consulting companies and industry, Ahmed has been instrumental in developing the global pricing and reimbursement practice at Access Infinity. Ahmed has worked on market access strategies for over 40 products in 9+ years. Previously Ahmed was at Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson and Johnson’s Pharmaceutical arm) in the EMEA team leading the launch and market access activities of HIV drugs. Ahmed was also part of the Global team at Merck where he supported market access and pricing of oncology assets.
Ahmed holds an M.phil in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Cambridge and an M.Sc in Biochemical Engineering

M. Rubino / Vice President, USA

Mark Rubino’s prior experience includes more than 25 years in the managed care industry as a senior leader at Aetna, Merck-Medco, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Most recently Mark has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 7 years as a Medical Science Liaison and Health Economics team leader.  He also has had direct responsibility for providing scientific and value evidence to key decision makers at national payers such as United Healthcare and Cigna. Mark received his BS in pharmacy from the University of Connecticut and graduated from Seton Hall University with a Masters in Healthcare Administration.  He has presented at many national conferences including AMCP, Armada, and Pinsonault

H. Dummett, MSc (Oxon)/ Vice President, Emerging Markets

Henry has 10 years experience in market access consulting, most recently at Double Helix Consulting as Director for Emerging Markets. He founded and managed Double Helix’s Singapore based Asia-Pacific headquarters from 2011-2014. He has developed integrated access solutions for several brands across Emerging Markets, and he managed and led multiple projects to develop PR&A solutions across Asia-Pacific, Latin-America, North and sub-Saharan Africa, Russia and Turkey. Henry also founded Emax solutions, a specialist market access consulting company focused on the emerging markets and collaborates closely with Access Infinity on projects

A. Ohanjanyan, M.Phil (Cantab)/ Consultant, Market Access 

Anna has experience in working on a number of European and Global market access projects at Access Infinity, most recently on a large payer value assessment and pricing study. Prior to joining Access Infinity, Anna worked in the UK chemicals industry and in a US healthcare billing and consulting firm, where she was engaged in reimbursement negotiations with state, federal and private payers with a focus on identifying and communicating value of medical products. She worked closely with clients’ patients as well, negotiating and drawing up financial agreements as part of her role. Anna has an MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise from University of Cambridge. Anna is fluent in English, Russian and Armenian, and understands basic Danish.

Dr. J. Samuel, Ph.D / Associate Consultant, Market Access

Jesvin, a molecular biologist by training, has experience in supporting the development of market access strategies for drugs and devices through a number of syndicated studies completed at Access Infinity. Jesvin brings a strong research experience, having successfully published in leading journals such as the NEJM and British Journal of Hematology. In his previous role at Agada Health Sciences,  he was responsible for developing business cases for go/no-go decisions for market entry of devices in the APAC region. Jesvin completed his PhD from the University of Leicester and also holds an MRes in Medical and Molecular Medicine. Jesvin speaks English and has working proficiency in French and Portuguese.

Dr. M. Santos, PhD/ Senior Analyst, Market Access

Szi Kay Leung (Oxon)/ Senior Analyst, Market Access 

Szi Kay has extensive experience managing several market access projects at Access Infinity. With a background in Biochemistry, she has  strong clinical research experience in CNS and oncology having co-published abstracts for neuro-oncology international conferences.  Szi Kay currently holds a MBiochem from the University of Oxford and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese with basic understanding in German and French.

L. Smith /Analyst, Market Access

Laura joins Access Infinity from Imperial College, with a background in biochemistry

Dr. B. Battepati /Analyst, Market Access (APAC Office)

Bharathi has a strong clinical background and brings this expertise to support various market access projects. In her previous roles as Business and Research analyst, she was responsible for developing competitive intelligence and health outcome reports in oncology and cardiovascular space. She also holds a Masters in International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy (MIHMEP) from SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy with a specialisation in Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices. Bharathi is fluent in English, Hindi and understands basic Italian.

V. Maram /Analyst, Market Access (APAC Office)


S. Ganesh/Analyst, Market Access (APAC Office)

Siva Ganesh is a pharmacy graduate who has a strong clinical and research background and has supported various market access projects at Access Infinity. He was a part of R&D team at Jubilant Chem Sys and was involved in drug development of anti-infectious and oncology drugs. He holds a Master degree in Pharmacy from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, India.

C. Poon / Market Access Analyst 

Charlotte has recently completed her Bsc in Biochemistry at Imperial College London with honours. At Access Infinity, she supports various market access projects, being involved in both secondary and primary research aspects.