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  • All your market access activities. All in one place.


    SMART gives you a birds-eye view of all your market access activities across the globe, allowing teams to make insightful decisions. With SMART, you can track better, collaborate faster and share easier

  • Designed for decision making

    SMART allows you to track the status of every key milestone and activity in a uniquely un-intrusive way. With SMART, you can get a colour-coded overview of all your markets in one glance with our interactive map feature and easily filter parameters that interest you, from reimbursement status to time to launch. 

    Built for Teamwork

    When you can share information faster, teams can work better. SMART makes it easy to engage country teams by enabling them to get updates and view your projects. 

    Sharing made easy

    SMART allows you to download any information to a customisable power point template for all your meetings and presentations. 

  • How is SMART different?

    • Tells you what needs your immediate attention and what items can wait
    • Captures key market access activities and milestones in one place
    • The ONLY market access tracking tool that downloads content into an editable PowerPoint deck
    • Has ‘live-editing’ features, enabling to make any changes without going into a separate ‘input sheet’
    • Can integrate with any existing system



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