Whether your product is in early stage development, is close to launch or launching in a different indication, our experience and expertise will support critical thinking around market access and can bring value insights to enable better decision-making

  • Qualitative Payer Research

    • Access to a personally managed network of over 400 payers in key national, regional and local roles for targeted questioning and quick turnaround
    • Insights on evidence generation, comparator choice, willingness to pay, likely HTA outcome

    Life Cycle Management

    • Supporting the management of pricing and access hurdles at the time of LoE. Delivering insights to support local and regional pricing decisions
    • Successfully used to enable decision-making for products in cardiology, oncology, haematology, orphan drugs

    Value Message Testing

    • A structured and iterative method of testing value messages that enables us to prioritise key messages and tailor them to the payer-type
    • Forming a core part of the GVD and ultimately the reimbursement dossier, it is critical that value messages are very well defined

    ATC/DDD Strategy

    • ATC/DDD are increasingly being used by payers to define price reference groups and tendering rules. Our long-standing relationship with the awarding body allows us to better inform your strategy
    • Particularly important when there are more than one possible ATC codes for your drug as an incorrect code can lead to a negative influence on price

    Value Based Pricing

    • Proprietary tool designed to zero-in on the core contributors of value for a drug in Phase I,II or III development and robustly assess how they translate to price
    • Provides strong basis for arriving at the pricing as well as payer-relevant messages that can be used in GVD, etc.

    Gap Assessment Tool

    • A proprietary tool that has had great success in revealing what gaps exist in the TPP of a drug in development and what can be done to overcome the shortcomings
    • Successfully used to enable decision-making for products in cardiology, oncology, heamatology, orphan drugs