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“Showcasing the success of your brand through market access KPIs”

The Market Access function works incredibly hard to get the price & reimbursement strategy right for each brand. However, often struggles to measure its own successes and showcase them to the wider organisation.

Perhaps you are unsure about why it is important to measure Market Access KPIs, or maybe you don’t know which KPIs to measure?

Join Ahmed at the EPA congress where he will guide you through measuring Market Access successes easily and, more importantly, well.

Ahmed Edathodu

Ahmed Edathodu is a Founding Director at Access Infinity. Having worked in senior positions within market access in Big Pharma and strategy consulting companies, Ahmed co-founded Access Infinity and has been instrumental in developing its global pricing and reimbursement practice. Prior to starting Access Infinity, he worked at Janssen Pharmaceuticals (Johnson and Johnson’s Pharmaceutical arm) where he supported the EMEA team in launching Rezolsta as well as and market access strategy planning for Janssen’s full HIV portfolio.

In consulting, Ahmed has worked extensively in developing market access strategies for over 100 products in 12+ years covering all major geographies and with a focus on European and APAC markets. He also leads the product thinking behind AI’s digital products NURO and Access Hub. Ahmed holds an MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Cambridge and an MSc in Biochemical Engineering.


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The World EPA Congress 2022 is a great opportunity to share ideas. Block some time for a product demo or chat with our P&MA experts. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.

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We look forward to meeting you

The World EPA Congress 2022 is a great opportunity to share ideas. Block some time for a product demo or chat with our P&MA experts. We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.