Evidence Hub

The only dashboard for
Market Access KPIs

Finally, get a single view of your global reimbursement data, and track how your launches perform against industry-standard KPIs.

Trusted by the world’s leading pharma companies

The right evidence when you need it

Build an evidence library

Finally, there’s a simple way to consolidate , manage, search & filter all of your studies & publications across products

Instantly identify relevant publications & studies

Categories your publications & studies by indication, type of study (safety, economic, etc.) or type of data (clinical, RWE) for use with Evidence Hub’s advanced search & filter features

Improve payer engagement

Enable countries to easily counter payer challenges by instantly identifying the relevant study or publication

Inform data gaps

Evidence Hub’s analytics pages make it easier than ever to inform data gaps, trends and which studies are most useful to the team

Increase productivity

Save hours creating summaries of studies & publications. With Evidence Hub, you can drop key messages & visuals into your organizations PPT template at the click of a button

Analytics that inform

Stay on top of changing trends with longitudinal views and understand the most impactful studies with user analytics

Never miss a publication

Use Artificial Intelligence to automatically scan for new publications, create abstract summaries & populate Evidence Hub

Inbuilt governance

Permission-based workflows for review of publication prior to inclusion in Evidence Hub

Improved communication

Keep teams up to date with regular newsletters summarizing latest publications

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Key Features

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Associate studies & publications to key medical, commercial and HEOR messages
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Communicate global initiatives, projects & progression
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Stay on top of changing trends with longitudinal views
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Generate visual PPT reports in your organisations template at the click of a button
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Manage submissions & changes with
audit log

What our clients are saying

Evidence Hub allows us to seamlessly manage all our publications and has become the one-stop shop for all evidence management needs within global HEOR


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