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Axcel is the much-needed revolution for the Market-Access and HEOR functions. With its user-friendly, cloud-based platform, Axcel enables a smarter and more efficient way of working.

Axcel has 3 modules that help address different needs across the Market
Access and HEOR functions.

Axcel can also source competitive intelligence data from our data BI platform Nuro and can link to other existing products and tools you currently use.

You're in good company

Built by market access experts for market access experts, our digital tools have been the result of yearsof hard work. Today, they are used by the biggest and brightest names in pharma: Axcel has 3 modules that help address different needs across the Market Access and HEOR functions.


Access Hub

Access Hub is designed to help track market access KPIs and launch activities.

Built from the ground up for market access teams, Axcel enables cross-product and cross-indication tracking across global markets.

Access Hub gives you the most critical insights in an instant

  • Track access timeline
  • Review the quality of reimbursement achieved
  • Generate relevant KPIs
  • Get global, national or sub national competitors
  • Track performance against competitors

Powerful insights in the blink of an aye.

Access Hub gives you what is most critical in an instant

Taking your mind off your tasks to focus more on results

  • Notification system and automatic reminder emails
  • Audit log to keep track of data changes
  • Easily scalable to new products or indicators
  • Streamlined reporting to senior leadership
  • Save time with out- of-the-box launch plans/templates
  • Integrate with other data sources e.g. pricing platform, Nuro


Evidence Hub

Axcel: Evidence Hub is a platform that helps track evidence generation projects and publications.

Built from the ground-up for HEOR/Medical team, it allows you to store, analyse, and easily identify evidence generation projects and publications of interest, with a built-in governance and user analytics system.


Price Governance 

What is Price Governance and why do we need it?

As companies grow in size and in number of products, it becomes increasingly important for there to be a robust, scalable view for senior leadership to monitor and approve business cases and prices presented by countries.

Axcel streamlines this management process by providing an intuitive platform that acts as a single source of truth for global and country teams alike.

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