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Slash research times from weeks to minutes with our cloud-based business intelligence tool.


Scan FDA- and EMA-approved products

Comprehensive analogue searches, ensuring you’ve scanned all FDA and EMA approved products.

Use filters to identify analogues 

Over 25 filters to match against your products and identify analogues, including therapy area, HTA, price, target population and more.

Correlate data like never before

Correlate clinical evidence to see how it affected price, and add MA date, target population, launch sequence, molecule type and more.

Visualise your data 

See your search results in graphs, defining the X- and Y- axis to interrogate the data in multiple ways.

Export to Excel and PPT

Easily export tables into Excel or download graphs into PowerPoint.

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Data points


Therapy areas


Identifiers per product



How can I use SMART Analogues?

Explore what drug classes have launched over time in any therapy area

See what clinical evidence was required to get an ASMR IV or higher

Compare willingness to pay for biologics across multiple therapy areas

Discover how HTA outcomes impacted price over time

Find analogues by matching against key market access criteria

SMART Analogues compared

  SMART Analogues HTA data bases Pricing data bases
Comprehensive therapy
area coverage
+ Typically major
therapy areas only
HTA data FR, DE, UK 7-10 countries
Pricing data EU5 + USA 30+ countries
Customisable graphs +
Prevalence Data +
Launch sequence data +
Product formulation data + +
Pivotal trial design data +
Adult / Paediatric availability +
Molecule type + +
Orphan drug status + +

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